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Tour des Pays de Savoie - Présentation
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2016 changes everything... Except the race.

The Tour des Pays de Savoie was borne from the passion of Patrice Pion and Laurent Jasserand. Friends and obsessed with cycling, they both decided in 1999 to put The Savoies' roads and passes in the spotlight, where numerous champions have built their legend.

After 18 successful year, the tour des pays de savoie has nowadays gained a certain maturity. There is therefore a peek to pass, whilst preserving the passion and the quality of the organisation.

Patrice and nathalie pion are now willing to anticipate the changes operated by the territorial reform. They also want to highlight the main sponsor of the race without whom nothing would be possible.

Therefore, the tour des pays de savoie becomes

A change of look, logo, slogan and poster to match the spirit of the time and the future better. The tour de savoie mont blanc highlights not only the runners but its international public with its new slogan "Kings of the mountains".

Apart from this, nothing has changed. Neither the passion, nor the organisation, the volunteers, the routes, the difficulty level and the victory.
The tour de savoie mont blanc keeps and maintains the success of the Tour des pays de savoie. It keeps the volunteers and sponsors' enthusiasm going, after 18 years of work.

It remains the hardest race in its category. The one that reveals to the public the champions to be and the best climbers by highlighting its territory.

The tour de savoie mont blanc will continue its vocation to allow runners to go from amateur to pro. This transition being increasingly efficient with the presence of Continentales teams taking part in the race.

The race passing on the roads of savoie mont blanc will always be an event in itself. A beautiful and colorful ballet performed by about a hundred runners who turn into warriors during the race.

Long live the Tour de savoie mont blanc!

Award list for The Tour des Pays de Savoie
Winners of the general ranking

2015 :  David Belda Garcia (Espagne)
2014 :  Louis Vervaeke (Belgique)
2013 :  Yoann Barbas (France)
2012 :  Stéphane Rossetto (France)
2011 :  Nikita Novikov (Russie)
2010 :  Nicolas Schnyder (Suisse)
2009 :  Ben Gastauer (Luxembourg)
2008 :  Guillaume Bonnafond (France)
2007 :  Jean-Charles Senac (France)
2006 :  Daniel Martin (Irlande)
2005 :  Blaise Sonnery (France)
2004 :  Rémi Pauriol (France)
2003 :  Mathieu Spritch (France)
2002 :  Mathieu Spritch (France)
2001 :  Christophe Edaleine (France)
2000 :  Florian Germain (France)
1999 :  Christian Millési (France)

Tour de Savoie Mont Blanc